our inspiration

Our Grandmother, Isabel Harvey, was a true style icon. Known for her elegance, grace and adventurous personality, her stories of traveling throughout Australia, Europe, and South America still live with us today. She was a teacher, an avid golfer and a musician whose cultural experiences allowed her to inspire and motivate many. When it came to fashion, she believed that poise, confidence, and a positive spirit were inherent to good style.

Educated at the world-renowned Julliard School in New York City, she embraced the arts and made them the center of her life. Creative and fashion-forward, Isabel Harvey had the ability to transform any outfit into something beautiful. To her, a black dress was a blank canvas. By adorning herself with her signature broach or a crystal pendant, she was able to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

An incredible wife, mother and friend, Isabel Harvey embraced life. Her creative and compassionate nature made her unique and it shone brighter than any jewel she possessed. Her love of art, fashion and education has been passed on through the generations and we are delighted to be representing her spirit throughout our collection.