Our Grandmother, Isabel Harvey, is the inspiration behind our business. Classical in her taste and creative in her fashion, she taught us that every woman should express her own style through beautiful, fun and unique accessories. Most importantly however, she believed that good character, strength and confidence were the keys to good taste. 

With the launch of Isabel Harvey, we have created a line of jewelry that we are deeply proud of. Throughout the line, we have made sure that each piece represents our Grandmother's graceful demeanor and keen sense of style, as well as our own individual spirit and artistic vision. We are excited to have created a place online where women can find unique and beautiful pieces that represent everything from everyday modern elegance to night-on-the-town bohemian chic.

As experienced stylists and skilled jewelry consultants, our goal is to guide women and help them find special pieces that will enhance their personal style and define their sense of fashion. Our Grandmother not only had great taste- she had an intuition about what worked and what didn't. We, at Isabel Harvey, refer to this as Style Intuition, an ability to see something, try it on and know that it possess that trend-setting element that sets you apart. This trait, passed on to us, is what sets us apart from other boutiques and shops. With a diverse, ever changing collection of jewelry, there is always something that's just perfect for everyone.


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