Vera One Rug 6'x7.5' Charcoal
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  • 6 feet x 7.5 feet
  • reversible

Plastic mat for indoor and outdoor use, made in Dalarna. Hemmed edges with sewn-in logo on one side. The carpet is woven from Swedish-made phthalate-free plastic strips from Gislaved Folie AB in traditional looms. Easy to maintain and clean, hand wash or machine wash at 30 ° C without spinning. Size deviations of ± 4% may occur due to weaving technical reasons. Thickness about 10 mm.

PVC polyester warp


  • Cannot be machine washed due to size.
  • Vacuum the carpet regularly for easy cleaning.
  • Stains are removed using a damp soft cloth or sponge. Do not scrub.
  • Clean the carpet with the help of a mop, hand wash in a bathtub / in a large vessel / outdoors or dry cleaning.
  • Shape by stretching the carpet in a wet state if necessary. Plant drying is welcome. When dripping dry, hang over several ropes.
  • Ketchup is rinsed off immediately, do not rub!

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